Alumni Community


  • Q1 How can I stay connected with UISG/UISZ?

    in order to stay connected, you can join our Facebook (UISG / UISZ) and follow us on UAA News. To make personal connections, sign up and get involved with our membership programme.

  • Q2 How do I find out more about Utahloy Alumni events?

    Please visit our events page for more information. You can also subscribe to our eNews to receive the latest in news and upcoming events.

  • Q3 Are there perks for Utahloy alumni?

    Yes. Check out a list of Utahloy alumni‚Äôs benefits and services, including e-resources, discounts on use of facilities, products and attractions. These offers not only save you money and keep you connected, but part of the proceeds goes to support alumni and student programmes.

  • Q4 How do I donate to the Utahloy alumni?

    If you would like to donate, please click on the following link. Thank you for your support.

  • Q5 How do I plan for a reunion?

    Contact the Utahloy Alumni Office at to help us plan your reunion.

  • Q6 How do I update my address or information with the Utahloy Alumni Association?

    To update your address, you can email us at  You must first register through our secured login system.

  • Q7 How can I receive copies of my transcripts?

    You can order your transcript from our online alumni shop (link) or email to alumni@utahloy. The processing time is about 30 days.

  • Q8 I have lost my IB/UISG/UISZ diploma. How do I order a replacement?

    Contact the alumni office to order for a replacement.