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  • Summer University Planning

    12th June 2018 UISG
    As we get closer to the end of the school year, many of our students and parents are planning a summer of rest and relaxation! Remember that the summer is also a great time to explore college and career goals. Here are some tips for getting the most out of your summer holiday and fine tuning your un...
  • Class Valedictorian - Rhea Li 's message to graduates

    31st May 2018 UISG
    Esteemed guests, parents, teachers and fellow graduates, We, the Class of 2018, would like to welcome you all to celebrate the ending of an extraordinary journey: high school. I am truly honored to represent Uthaloy’s Class of 2018, a group of talented, driven and loving individuals, on this ...
  • Alumni Inauguration and UEF Family Day

    31st May 2018 UISG
    Dear Member of UEF Alumni, The Utahloy Education Foundation has a long history of international education. We are proud of our Alumni members and it is with pleasure that you are invited to the inauguration of the UEF Alumni and family day. Next school year UISG celebrating 20 years and UISZ 15 y...
  • Dr. Harley Seyedin's Message to Class of 2018

    31st May 2018 UISG
    Dear UISG Graduates, On behalf of the American Chamber of Commerce in South China, I extend my sincere congratulation and best of luck to all of you. You are leaving this place for new adventures and new responsibilities. Graduating from high school is a great accomplishment. You must be very exc...
  • Head of School Message to Class of 2018

    31st May 2018 UISG
    Congratulations to the Class of 2018! Today, we celebrate your success! It is a time to reminisce, to be nostalgic and to remember the wonderful memories and fun times. This special day marks an important stage of your lives. You have finished your IB exams and now await your results. Today is...