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Class Valedictorian - Rhea Li 's message to graduates

Release time: 31st May 2018

Esteemed guests, parents, teachers and fellow graduates,

We, the Class of 2018, would like to welcome you all to celebrate the ending of an extraordinary journey: high school. 

I am truly honored to represent Uthaloy’s Class of 2018, a group of talented, driven and loving individuals, on this very special occasion.

Seven years ago, I joined the Utahloy community with great trepidation and a very limited idea of what the future might hold. Since then, I have faced different challenges that I never imagined I would face. From academics to extra-curricular activities like MUN, ACAMIS tournaments and theatrical performances, these challenges brought me knowledge, skill and valuable experiences. As a student and a person, I developed a better understanding of my strengths and areas for growth, a stronger curiosity about the world, and greater courage to undertake new challenges as I step towards my next journey. I also developed friendships with the wonderful people here today, who have accompanied, motivated and helped me in the past, and will continue to inspire me in the future. 

Still, with a little less trepidation and a lmited idea of what the future may hold, I look forward to my gap year as I leave Utahloy. Utilizing the knowledge, skills and experiences from my life at Utahloy, I will use this time to intern with a film crew, develop my film portfolio, and apply to USC, UCLA and NYU.  Beyond my gap year is a new journey where I shall strive to become a film director. 

Before we go on to the experience the limitless possibilities that lie ahead, let’s first take this moment to congratulate the Class of 2018 for their achievements on this journey that we shared. 

Thank you all for being with us and enjoy your evening!